Thursday, May 29, 2014

Mini Chocolate Filled Croissants

In Germany, there's a a large different between a baker and a pastry chef.  Such a difference in that they are two different professions.

Though they may be different professions, there's a gray line that lays somewhere in the middle of the professions.

The gray line... is croissants.  Well not only croissants, but lots of "fine" dough.  "Fine" dough includes dough with more than a set amount of sugar to flour ratio.  Interesting!

I made a LOT of croissants in my apprenticeship at Engelbrecht.  I cannot stress the word, "lot" enough.  I made more croissants than anyone could ever eat in a lifetime.  

This is not to say that my time croissant making was a bad one!  The complete opposite, to be honest.  I had some of the best memories of my apprenticeship working in the post that is the "gray line" between baking and pastry.  

Croissants bring back memories... I love making them, eating them AND filling them with chocolate!  So that's what we're doing today...

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Mini Chocolate Filled Croissants

Mini Chocolate Croissants
Makes about 10 mini croissants

300 g flour
1 pinch salt
30 g sugar
1 egg + 1 egg for the egg wash
125 ml warm milk
1 pack of dry yeast or 21 g fresh yeast
175 g butter

Chocolate filling:
200 g dark chocolate
120 ml milk
50 g butter

Dissolve the yeast in the warm butter.  Combine all ingredients in a bowl, except for the butter.

Knead together to form a smooth dough.

Place the dough in the refrigerator to "rest."  Meanwhile, softened the butter.  With a whisk, whip the butter to form a smooth mass.

Lay a  sheet of plastic wrap on your work space.  Spoon out the butter onto the plastic wrap.  Spread to form a small rectangle.

Place in the refrigerator just until the butter slightly hardens, but is still pliable.

Now it is time to roll out the dough and begin the layering process!  This will ensure that your croissants are flaky and buttery!

Begin by rolling out the dough on a floured work surface in a rectangle larger than your butter rectangle.

Place the butter slightly off center in the dough (photo: top left) and fold the dough over to cover the butter, making sure the butter is completely packed in the dough (photo: top center).

Roll out the dough.  We will be layering the dough in completing 1 single fold and 1 double fold.

First complete the single fold by folding the dough into thirds, like a letter (photo: top right).  Then rolling the dough out again.

Next, complete the double fold in folding the two ends of the dough together, meeting in the middle (photo: bottom left) and folding the dough in half.  Then, instead of completely rolling out the dough again, roll the dough only slightly out to be placed in the refrigerator again to "rest" for about 30 minutes (photo: bottom center).

Once the dough has "rested," Remove from the refrigerator and thinly roll out the dough (photo: bottom right).

Cut off the ends of the dough to form a perfect rectangle.  Cut the dough in half, longways and by cutting diagonally, cut out triangles in two rows.

Now place a small spoonful of the chocolate ganache (that you can make while your dough rests in the refrigerator) along the back edge of the triangle.

Roll the croissants tightly! together and place them on a prepared baking sheet with parchment paper, giving them space to expand.

Make your egg wash by whisking one egg in a small bowl.  With a pastry brush, brush the tops of the croissants, making sure not to miss a spot!  The egg wash will ensure that your croissants come out nice and brown.

Let rise.

Bake at 220 Celsius or 425 Fahrenheit for 10-15 minutes.

For the chocolate filling:

Heat the milk and butter over the stove until the butter melts and becomes very hot.  Pour over the chopped chocolate and mix together until a homogeneous chocolate ganache forms.  Place in the refrigerator to harden.

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  1. They look delicious

  2. For some reason I had an idea in my head that croissants would be really, really difficult to make but the process seems lengthy as opposed to difficult? Or these instructions look like they will help a lot in any case! I might give this a go this weekend.

    S xo.

    1. You are definitely right! Lengthy, but not difficult and sooo worth it! Just keep the dough cool and you should have great croissants!

  3. This looks really delicious!!

    Can't wait to recive your apron :D