Monday, December 30, 2013

Another Year Another Whirlwind - 2013 Best Yet!

2013 is just about over and I'm not ready for it to be!

2013 is in fact the fastest year yet.  Where did all the time go?!  I'm absolutely convinced the year was shorter than all the other 25 that I've had.  I have to say though, the year was a doosy and as I look back at everything I've accomplished, I'm stunned and so very lucky!

Let's re-cap:

1) We'll start off with a bang:  I completed my 3 year apprenticeship!!!!!!!!  I successfully passed my apprenticeship exam as a pastry chef that I first set off for Germany for.  This is the single accomplishment that I'm most proud of this year - or basically in my life.

2)  Not only did I finish my apprenticeship with flying colors, I got a full time job with one of the best dessert production and catering companies around: Patisserie Walter where I'm still working as we speak.

3)  Forget what I ever said about speaking fluent German before, because I know feel like I finally do!  I'm there, I'm doing it, I'm confident.

4)  I opened my Etsy online shop!  I was finally able to open an online shop where I sell Hot Chocolate on a Spoon - in multiple flavors, Chocolate Bark, Customized Chocolate Hearts and Baking My Way Aprons!  I am also doing any customized orders, so send me a message on Etsy if you have something in mind!

5) I attended my only brothers wedding!  I watched him marry a wonderful woman in the comfort of our hometown Dewey Beach.  Lots of memories!

6) I surprised all of my family and friends by coming home for Christmas for the first time in 3 years!  No one- including myself- knew it would or could be possible for me to take a whole week off over Christmas to come home!  In this profession, it's unheard of!

7) Countries I've visited:

-Belgium! I did a whirlwind of a beer tour visiting the best of the best with my father and brother!  We even tasted and bought the "Best Beer in the World!"

2014 will be another year with a whirlwind of  decisions and opportunities, as well as trips around the world and goals being met!  I'm so excited that I can hardly wait to see what this year is going to bring.

The best part about New Years isn't necessarily the day itself (because let's face it, New Years Even isn't all it's cracked up to be) but what the day symbolizes.  It's a new start, with new goals, new ideas and new opportunities.  Don't bum yourself out because you're not going to the coolest party on the block.  Look out at the year ahead of you and think about all that you can accomplish in 365 days!

And now for the Best of Baking My Way Through Germany - 2013


  1. Guten Rutsch, Katie! you've accomplished so much, and here's to another adventurous year of life! i can't believe either that it's gonna be 2014 within 3 hours here. wew.

  2. Congratulations and well done on all you have accomplished. Beautiful pictures have my mouth watering!