Friday, December 7, 2012

Weihnachtsmarkt and Visit From Dad!

Week 2 of my one-handed, no working, stint of time spend hiding out in my apartment...

Well, I can't really say I've been hiding out.  I had a visitor for 4 days!  I mention before that my dad wanted to check out the place I've been living and working in for past 2 years before my apprenticeship is finished this summer.  Bremerhaven is not the most interesting place in the entire world... But it's a nice place to check out for a few days...

Luckily for us, the Christmas markets have been up and running all over the place!  They are honestly the one thing in the North of Germany that get's people out and moving around on these cold and dark days in the winter.

They are absolutely beautiful, and really put you in the Christmas mood.  What's better than walking around a small Christmas town while warming up with Glühwein?

What's Glühwein?

Glühwein is a delicious winter time drink served hot.  It's made from wine and usually contains a shot of either Rum or Amaretto.  Rum, always choose rum.  

Sound dangerous?

It is.  After two of these suckers and that shot of Rum really sneaks up on you!

We were thinking about the possibility of having the Christmas Markets in the U.S. But, finally came to the ultimate conclusion that it just wouldn't work out.  

The glass cups... the alcohol drinking... the food... the rides... the fires... the people in the middle of the city...

That sounds like a recipe for disaster.  In Germany, however, it adds up to a really great evening!

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  1. Gasp!! Joe dawg smiling in a picture!?!

    1. It's because he's having that good of a time

  2. It was a good time!

  3. looks like a great time I think Bremerhaven is charming!