Sunday, March 4, 2012

Zwischenprüfung (Mid-term Exam)

So I realized I haven't posted anything in a week... Going back to work after being away for 2 weeks is always  a little bit tough, but it always keeps me on my toes!

I started studying for my Zwischenprüfung  (mid-term exam).

It involves everything we've learned for this year and a half.  How do I begin?  I pretty much went through highschool and college without doing any major studying.  How is that possible?  I was a dance major.  My studying was going to class (everyday without fail)... and my tests, for the most part, were performing for my teachers.  You can say it was a little bit different than what everyone else was doing.

Now, I have an enormous amount of material to study for, and the importance to me in getting a good grade is also enormous... I've got a little bit of stress going on...

My BFF suggested flash cards.  Which I agree with.  It's just that they take forever to make... It'll be worth it.

That is the theory section of the test... we also have a practical part of the test.

This is something I'm not so worried about.  We are to make:

-A 26 cm cake: with a decorated rouladen rim 2/3 high (here is an example).

It has to be decorated by piece (meaning each piece is to look the same when cut).  It must be filled with some sort or Sahne (cream).
-Decorate the rim of a circle by piping
-Write "Herzlichen Gluckwunsch"
-Make a crepe (yea this sounds weird... but it belong to the cooking part of our program)
-Make a salad with a vinaigrette or dressing

It's do-able.  We have a total of 4 hours: 3 hours for the cake and 1 hour for the cooking section.

I want to thank you all for your comments from the cake competition!!! I still don't have any results, and won't until school starts back up again, but I appreciate all your kind words!


  1. I know you will do well on your exams. What a treat to be in Ireland on St. Patty's day!!! Take lots of photos.

  2. It's been a bit since I stopped by your blog. First, I thought your cake looked amazing! I think it looked the best of the ones you featured. Good luck on the competition. Have a great trip and enjoy Ireland. I've always wanted to go there and I bet it's a perfect time to be there during St. Patty's Day! Have fun.

  3. Good luck 4 Ur Zwischenprüfung, Katie

  4. You will have such a ball! And you deserve every moment of it, too!