Thursday, March 29, 2012

Raspberry-Lemon Torte With Real Roses

I said I was getting down to business.  Here's what this week entailed...

Here is my practice cake for the exam.

We have to have the decorated rouladen (which is the strip around the bottom), fruchtspiegel (which is the yellow lemon-fruchtspiegel), it filled with a cream (mine is raspberry and lemon), and decorated per piece (you see how it's sectioned off into individual pieces).

The flowers were an idea that I got from my boss.  Here goes the story...

I know that a lot of people will be tempering chocolate and creating some sort of decoration from the chocolate to lay on top or to decorate each piece of the cake.  It's not incredibly difficult and can be done in a reasonable time frame.  When discussing my cake with my boss, I expressed my opinion on how I wasn't crazy about doing that.  He explained how he had seen real roses dipped in some sort of sugar and used as decoration... and that no one would be doing this.  I did a little research and found that I can use egg white powder mixed with water, brushed onto the flowers and sprinkled with sugar for my decorations.  

I'm not crazy about the color of the flowers in comparison to the raspberries, but I can always find different colored roses...

Oh yea... and I sectioned the pieces a bit big (there goes my American side of me just shining right through!).  It should be 16 pieces, and not 14, so they would be a little bit smaller...


  1. Oh, Katie, You've got everything I like most for dessert in that cake and it's so beautiful! Well done -- and good luck!!

  2. Wow I love the Rose idea, nice looking!!!!! Love to take a bite out of it now!