Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ireland Teaser

 Ireland teaser.... absolutely beautiful, right? Can't wait to share more... however, I need some serious recovery right about now...

By the way... Happy St. Paddy's Day!!


  1. Stunning! I figured you might need a little recovery time!!!

  2. cannot wait to see more....

  3. Delighted to hear your having a great time here, you really looked the part for St Patrick's day. Really lucky with the weather too. Enjoy the remainder of your trip, pity you won't get down to Cork, there's a fantastic market in the city called the English Market that i know you would love, its an amazing place that show cases the best quality local and international foods and produce, its every foodies dream:)It's just the tip of the iceberg though there's lots to tickle the taste buds in and around Cork:) Next time! Have a fantastic time :)