Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gorner Gorge Adventure

While we were in Zermatt, we decided to take this Gorner Gorge Adventure.  It was completely worth it.  It was an amazing experience climbing around in this gorge, with more amazing sights and scenery.  I recommend this to anyone heading to Zermatt.

Our tour guide, Gionni, was an actual mountaineer.  Seriously, the term does not just refer to the mascot of WVU.  It's an actual profession.  He has climbed the Matterhorn 278 times.  When asked this question, I was expecting an answer of about 30...  278?!  Unbelievable. Climbing the Matterhorn would be a lifetime achievement just once...

In the end, the trip to Switzerland was unbelievable.  I never thought that I would ever get the chance to visit Switzerland in my life.  I wanted to travel there, of course, but it always seemed to be a country hidden in the back of all the more touristy ones.  I always ask myself one question after visiting a new place... Would I go back?  The answer here is simple... Yes, without a doubt.  It's worth how expensive it was and it's worth the extreme difficulty of getting to the city (Zermatt is 100% car-less... you can't drive there and have to go by train).
Maybe an application to the bakeries in Zermatt is in the cards for me... you never know!