Friday, November 12, 2010

One down, one to go...

One week of school down... one to go...

Yesterday, we were in the bakery again!  We made Mürbeteig, as I guessed in the last post.  It was really interesting because we paired up into teams of 2 and all made different types of Mürbeteig cookies to show the differences.  Some used powdered sugar, some used regular sugar, some used an egg yolk, and some used different flavorings (ex: vanilla or lemon).

What's Mürbeteig again??? It's a very basic dough and can be made into lots and lots of pastries.  It can be comparable to like a short bread dough.  It's soft and pliable and is good in forms such as cookies!
Then, we made a different type of Mürbeteig and made little raspberry filled pockets.  I can't think of a name for them, and I don't know the name in German.  Regardless, they were topped with streusel (which is yet another type of Mürbeteig).  They were yummy beyond all belief.  There were no leftovers for me to take pictures.
In our last block of the class we were able to practice our piping skills again. Yesss! This time, however, we had to make 5 different designs so that the teacher could grade us on them.  Mine turned out pretty well, but as always I though I could do better.  I cracked under pressure.  We find out that grade next week.

Overall, success!

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  1. can't you take pics of the piping too.. sounds like a wonderful day