Sunday, August 29, 2010


Lets see... so it's been about 3 weeks of work already.  I cannot believe that.  I feel like I'm still in my first few days of work.  But, I can say that I'm becoming a lot more familiar with the bakery with what exactly is going on and how everything all works together.  The people are extremely nice and helpful and I am so thankful for that.

Sleep is another story.  This is still so hard to get used to!  I still think it's all about the mind playing tricks on you.  I go to bed when it's daylight out and I wake up when its dark.  I wanna say: Come on mind! Get with it! It's reversed now so get used to it!
This week was hard because the times changed.  Monday through Thursday was still the same 4am, but I worked for 9 1/2 hours each day.  So Friday and Saturday... well, Friday started at 2:30am.  Saturday? Well, you  may not believe this but I started at 12:30am.  Not kidding.  I don't kid about mornings, and I certainly don't kid about sleep.  As it turns out, I asked about the super early working hours, because before I was coming in at 4am everyday, and the reason was because of the Sail event happening in the city down by the harbor.  So then I also found out that this tends to happen around Christmas/ New Years, Valentine's Day, and Easter.  Oh well.  I worked just about 55 hours this week.  Thats a whole lots of plums!

Speaking of plums...
The amount of plums that I cut this week was astounding.  Did you know that plums smell?  They do.  Did you know that plums make stains on clothes and fingers that is near impossible to get out?  They do.  I think I would be okay if I never saw a plum ever again in my whole life.  But with that thought, being around plums all day a work does give me a fond memory of my childhood... lets go back in time about 12 years...
Once upon a time, back in Newark, Delaware at my home, we had a plum tree that made enormous amounts of plums one summer.  My brother, two cousins (Regina and Maggie), and I thought we would pick all the plums and sell them out of my driveway.  As it turns out, we really didn't sell that many plums, but it did turn into us all throwing plums at each other.  Maggie was getting really upset about this and screamed, "WHOEVER THROWS THE NEXT PLUM, I'M GOING TO DO THIS TO THEM!" And then proceeded to smash plums on her own head to prove a point.  I'm sorry Maggie, I cannot let you live that down.  It was hilarious!  So, everyday I am reminded of that memory and that makes me happy.

A lot of the products that I've been making have been relatively similar since my last post about work.  Beliners, Pflaum Kuchen, Pflaum August, Rumkugeln, etc.  The worst part is, is that I have full access to all of these during lunch (or breakfast you might want to call it).  I have to do some serious resisting.  But it seems many of my co-workers do not.  Why are they not fat?   I can't understand that.  I'll let you know when I do, and then I will become a millionaire because I will have found out the secret to eating cake and doughnuts while maintaining weight... amazing.

I do have to say that I've never worked so hard in my entire life.  College?  Nope, that seems like a walk in the park compared to this.  Any of my jobs before?  Please, give me a break.  I could do them all with my eyes closed... at the same time.  I've said before that I've never met such a hard working large group of people.  On top of that, the quality put into each and every product that we make is unbelievable.  Quality is checked daily, and there’s no question as to why there are over 20 stores of Engelbrecht in the city of Bremerhaven.

The language?
You may be wondering about my progress on the German language.  Well, for me it seems as though I'm inching along.  I do have to remind myself it has only been a few weeks.  There is only one thing that I want.  I want to be able to understand people when they talk to me.  You cannot possible believe how frustrating it is. But, with that said, I am sure having a crazy experience and learning things that I could not possibly learn otherwise.  Being throw into a new language is hard and frustrating, but in the end, it all works out, and is even a little exciting. I'm learning so much on a daily basis that I don't even know what and how much I'm learning. The key is just to speak it.  Even if you know it's not right, just speak it and they will correct you.  I'm laughing to myself because it is an absolute terrifying thought, but it's true.  Going for it is the fastest way to learn, but it's horrifying. Trust me.


  1. I can't believe I smashed a plum on my head either. Why did I do that?! I was a weird kid. This totally made my day. As for the language, you're right about just speaking it, but I admit I am always terrified to speak Spanish to anyone. I feel like you'll hit a point in about a month, thought, when you will just say "fuck it!" and speak all the German you want.

    much love, cousin. Keep up the good work!

  2. right on maggie, katie your amazing

  3. haha maybe you could have done any previous job with your eyes closed, with the exception of Lifeguarding at Disney. Pretty sure Bobbi or one of those other mean people (haha I don't even remember what their position was called anymore) would have been at your stand in seconds ready to make you fear your life.

    PS... love that you're doing this, I also have a blog though not as interesting if you want to follow...

    UAGRADPRANDAD is my blog name. Take care and have so much fun!

  4. Oh, I remember the plum selling event. Those were the good old days. You're right about the language thing, just keep speaking it and you'll get there. And don't worry when you make a mistake, people are really just impressed that you're trying and are usually happy to help you out. Love the updates! And miss you!