Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cuxhaven Beach

This is Cuxhaven.  As you can see its an actual beach! But a little bit different than Dewey.  First, you had to pay to get on the beach, huge bummer there.  But, when the tide goes out everyday, it really goes out.  It may be a little difficult to tell in some of the pictures but there is a long stretch of wet sand that was covered by water just a few hours ago.  So, you can basically walk all the way out in the ocean, and sometimes the marine life is still hanging out in the sand when the water goes away.
But it was a very relaxing area, with cute little beach houses to possibly rent and restaurants with fresh fish.  We even tried to stop by the fish market for something super fresh, but it was too late in the day...

Now I can say that I've officially been in the North Sea!

I though it might be nice to kiss the little crabby!

There was a fort right next to the beach!  

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  1. oh I cannot believe you picked up a crab you have grown miles